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Wondering where we've been? Two great concerts later...

It's been a little nutty around Old Town with crazy amounts of music. We're a little behind, so to catch everyone up on our last couple of concerts, let me just tell you, they've been stellar!

Bonnie and Taylor Sims aren't just the cutest couple, they are seriously talented musicians. We had a wonderful night of hearing stories and painting pictures through song. Tight harmonies, powerful lyrics, and melodies that grab on and don't let go meant we all left with smiles on our faces. Taylor's "Guitar Man" is one of those haunting songs that leave bluegrass lovers thinking about just who this song's about. Ask him, he'll tell you the story--and it's a good one. "Mockingbird" is an award-winning song well worth taking the time to hunt it down (hint: click on the songs to go to a version on YouTube!).

These two gave heart and soul to the audience at Old Town House Concerts and left a lot of people smiling and with a song in their ear and spring in their step. And we shared some good laughs along the way.

Just a week ago, we had the good fortune to have Michael Kirkpatrick entertain the crowd at Old Town House Concerts. Just ahead of his release of his new EP, Honey Rider, the audience got to hear some of these songs along with some long time favorites. Michael is one of those songwriters who is generous with the stories behind the songs--it was a rare treat to hear about the ups and downs of a singer-songwriter and share a few laughs along the way. Check him out around Fort Collins, next up at FoCoMX.

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