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Where you can see great live music in an intimate setting in the Old North End in Colorado Springs, CO. We began in 2014 in Fort Collins, CO and relocated to the Springs in 2019. We're beyond excited to continue bringing amazing musicians to the unique experience of house concerts.


Imagine seeing great live music up close and personal. You, the musicians, and a small group of fellow music lovers in the house or backyard.


It's about the music, the connection between performer and listener--not about the crowds, the sticky beer floor, or people talking over the music.


Old Town House Concerts is a labor of love, not a business. All donations go the musicians. Our events are private and invitation-only. To get an invitation, contact us and we'll put you on our email list that gets all the news first. If space is available, we'll send you an invitation with further details.



What's a House Concert? House concerts are how live music traditionally was heard. A group of people coming together in a private home to listen to artists play. It isn't a loud house party where the band is background. The music is front and center. It is a community gathering unlike any other.

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