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Kicking off 2015 with Lineage Music Project

Lineage Music Project, January 2015

Lineage Music Project is a local band that means a lot to this family. They have been stalwart supporters of sharing and promoting traditional music here in Fort Collins and particularly with youth, including a certain mandolin & guitar player in our household, the E-man. Beyond their mission to share bluegrass & traditional music, they are a talented bunch of musicians with a driving, solid sound. With Douglas Crowl (guitar), Lydia Demi-Smith (fiddle), Chad Fisher (mandolin), Evan Neal (bass), Mark Fritz (banjo), and Richard Boot (snare), Lineage blends original tunes with fresh renditions of old favorites.

At Old Town House Concerts, they had everyone hopping with their high energy, banter, and the genuine enjoyment of playing great music. Check this video out for a taste of the fun to be had listening to Lineage!

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