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The early days of Old Town House Concerts, it's Trout Steak Revival's fault!

We weren't sure where this would all go when we agreed to host a house concert for our friends from Trout Steak Revival. We'd toyed with the idea for a few years, but the opportunity to introduce some of our neighbors and friends to this wonderful band was one we couldn't pass up. Now that's not to say we were completely altruistic--we'd have incredible musicians playing for us in our backyard instead of some noisy bar. Throw in a beautiful fall day in Fort Collins, a potluck, and we were hooked. Since then it's been full steam ahead.

A Facebook page and email list later, we keep getting requestions for our website. So we're getting all fancy and inter-webbed (maybe). We'll post some notes after each concert on our home page and give you a sense of who's coming up. Maybe you want to bookmark our page!

To catch you up:

Trout Steak Revival, October 2014, Our FIRST Old Town House Concert

Trout Steak Revival has earned a place in the mountain states bluegrass scene, performing to sold-out audiences, winning the 2014 Telluride Bluegrass Festival Band Competition, placing in the 2012 Rockygrass Band Competition, and even winning an Emmy Award for a soundtrack with Rocky Mountain PBS. From beginnings as an informal jamming unit during treks through the peaks of the Front Range, Trout Steak Revival has evolved into one of Colorado’s most tightly knit, hard-driving bluegrass bands. Their brand of heartfelt songwriting blends dynamic musicianship with intricately woven harmonies, all tied together with the unmistakable sound of their years of friendship. From sweat-soaked clubs to mountain festivals, the five-piece has shown a tenacity for quick-picking and all the right polish without sacrificing the raw feeling of well-executed bluegrass. Keeping an eye on traditions of the past but boldly forging into new territory, Trout Steak takes us back to memories of whiskey, laughter, and the misty highhigh country where the band was born.

The Old Town House Concert:

What a day! Gorgeous, gorgeous fall day in Colorado. Trout Steak Revival were on fire and everyone (including us as the hosts) were just floored with the music, energy, and fun this band brought to a backyard full of friends in Old Town. Bevin Foley (fiddle), Casey Houlihan (bass), Steve Foltz (guitar & mandolin), Travis McNamara (banjo), and Will Koster (guitar & dobro) are exciting musicians full of great tunes and just dang fun people!

Check out "It Takes One to Know One" from this stellar group:

Trout Steak Revival was finishing up a new recording when they appeared at Old Town House Concerts. They'll be releasing "Brighter Every Day" soon (the title track is stunning--it's made me cry on more than one occasion--check out the video below). Do come to their Fort Collins CD Release Party at The Aggie Theater on March 28, 2015!

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